Pilar Muñoz del Castillo

Personal Statement


The most important subject in my work is the concept of time and how it affects the individuality of each human being. My inspiration comes from my daily routines, my obsessions, worries and thoughts which constantly appear in my work.

My work explores a mixture of different techniques including painting, photography, sculpture, collage and printmaking. Prints are built up by collaging different materials which are found whilst working in the studio including tissue paper, envelopes & wrapping paper. Again this relates to time: when something was collected, but is also reminiscent of a place.

With the puppets I have found a format for experimenting and transmitting how time makes us act in different ways. The human being has become an object, and time, the subject. As a result the human being is managed by time. So, the puppet is managed by the puppeteer and represents both the manipulator and the manipulated, and it takes on its own identity.  Also the puppet is made and frozen in one expression i.e. its physical form, but in its movements – through space and time – it is seen to change. The puppets are made from different materials depending on what I want to say at any one moment.

I also enjoy the experimentation of printing onto different materials and sufaces by using non traditional methods of printing; this is because I have a very clear idea about what I want to see as an end result.

At the same time printmaking, by itself, as a technique, can be very frustrating in terms of how to achieve the perfect final result. That is why I concentrate on the journey of the image, using elements of mistakes to create a new piece of work, and mixing them with sculpture, painting or whatever I am enjoying at the time, and expressing what I need to at that moment.

I am more interested in using the inspiration from what occurs at any one moment in time, rather than planning something out too precisely. For me, the accidental represents the essence of time.

Artists who influence my work are Louise Bourgeois and Juan Muñoz, in particular. I enjoy the act of recording my ideas and experiences through my sketchbooks, often referring back to these and developing them into more acomplished pieces of work.


“The work of Pilar Munoz del Castillo can only be summed up poetically: words alone do not capture the artefacts. The thoughts, rhythms and repetitions are part of the effects, part of the concepts.

Using stitch and sewing details, lines are etched, faces are delineated. The concept of time suffuses all her pieces, with history and present entwined like the lines, and shapes and faces that show generations of women who are all connected. Printed images and identities imprinted.

The artist and the subject, the puppet and the puppeteer, Pilar explores the weaving of work and creator, viewer and subject. You are drawn in and create a storyline yourself; the eyes engage with you, speak to you and respond.

Haunting faces: sad, thoughtful, questioning, pensive, deep in a book.

Women’s faces: the same, yet different, the challenge of a look.

Looking all ways: always looking.”

Pat Francis